We service all domestic and foreign automobiles

Affordable Auto Repairs & Auto Services

Need Brakes or Rotors?

  1. $99.00 4 wheel Brake Jobs! (For Most Cars)
  2. $25.00 Oil Changes! $10.00 With your own products (Oil and Filter)
  3. $5.00 For Fleet or regular costumers (with your own products)

All major electrical work

  1. Includes surges,burnouts and replacements
  2. battery Charging $5.00
  3. Battery testing Free
  4. Alternator testing Free

We specialize in Transmissions!

  1. Repair,replace,service and flushes all done here by our trained certified team.
  2. We charge 25% less "GUARANTEED"!
  3. Tune ups and maintenance
  4. Small repairs & Major repairs
  5. Engine Replacements,sensors,belts, top of the line computer diagnostics.


  1. We do ALL front and ALL rear suspension
  2. ball joints
  3. shocks
  4. struts
  5. tire rods
  6. gear boxes
  7. control arms
  8. axles
  9. sway bars
  10. arm bushings
  11. drive shafts
  12. coil springs
  13. Torsion Bars
  14. Bushing Mounts
  15. leaf springs
  16. Idler arms
  17. pitman arms

Exhaust Services

  1. We repair,replace or service all exhaust muffler systems for every make and model
  2. dual or single
  3. foreign or domestic.

Tire Services

  1. We replace,repair,rotate,mount balance or plug any tires on any car.
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Auto Repair Services

We offer a wide range of auto repair services including

  • - $99.00 4 wheel Brake Jobs! (Most Vehicles)
  • - $25.00 Oil Changes! $10.00 With Your Own Oil/Filter
  • - $5.00 For Fleet or regular costumers With Your Own Oil/Filter
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